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WE – the I.T.S. Team

take pride in our skill and experience!

All of the team members being qualified specialists experienced in animal care and animal transportation, ITS offers species-appropriate, safe as well as fast shipment of animals, be they domestic, unusual or exotic! Every shipment is handled and accompanied by examined animal care workers with many years of experience in the care of every kind of animal.

Expert knowledge about the specific characteristics of each animal is essential to provide species-appropriate transportation which will be as stress-free as possible and which guarantees the welfare of the animals. Problems need to be detected before the start of the transportation. We make sure that the animals are accompanied and fed by experienced and specially trained animal keepers who give your animals the best possible care at all times.

You need professional and safe animal transportation? The answer is I.T.S.
You can rely upon our team!

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Constantly new tours in the planning. Please ask us.

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